Innovation As I See It

Innovation could be defined as originality added to a preexisting system. It is a way to overcome a problem and get a fresh perspective on it. Novelty is the vital glint of all human change, improvement and progress. Innovation is not an invention, but an improvement of a previous product. Our human society uses innovation in every day life to make adjustments to the way they do things or how they use certain objects. In my life, takes place in from simple household chores to life changing decisions. Innovation is any adjustment a person makes in their life. For example, I recently purchased a scratching post for my little kitten, but he does not seem to like it or use it. The top of the post is a flat square and is now used as a lamp table in the living room. Improvement could be applied to an object that has one use and apply in the whole other direction. Innovation can take place in larger decisions and make a difference in one’s life. It’s not only the products and technology that can be innovated, but the decisions that a certain person makes in their life could be a personal innovation. In my case, the life changing innovation was my adjustment to the new language after moving from Russia to North America. I had to learn a foreign language and find a way to learn it quickly and efficiently. Modernism was a very useful tool in this process of adjusting to the language, people and the culture. Innovation is not only technology oriented, but could be something simple we do and not notice. The essential part of improvement is not being afraid to fail while taking a risk.