Short Stories

I have written a few short stories that i would like to share. My first short story is about people with Alzheimer's and how they feel on daily basis.

Alzheimer’s Disease
Waking up not knowing about your past, present, or future. Starting to forget words you use to be so comfortable with your whole life. When people you knew are strangers to you. Not understanding what you fear of and what fear is, but still feel its rush within your blood. I have Alzheimer’s disease, but I wont remember about it tomorrow…

When No One Knows 

 Table – Charlie
 Chair – Gary
 Chair – Barbie 
 White Board - Marge

When no one knows, the objects seem to have no emotions, come alive. In fact, they communicate in a similar way as human beings. I guess they get it from us…
{The Last person left the room}

Marge:  Finally, they are gone. One day I will get skin cancer from them.  Ugh…and this smell of toxins is giving me a headache. Advil anyone? 

Gary: Marge, you are such a grandma…relax and enjoy the fumes.

Marge: I am not, and you are not the one smelling it, young man.

Gary: I much rather smell the markers than constantly having people sitting on you. 

Charlie: Aright, its time for a joke. You guys have to stop arguing. You can’t do anything about what is being done to you; might as well cope with it. You are what you are. Speaking of jokes, today in class one of the kids asked a teacher: “could I get in trouble if I didn’t do something?”  In response the teacher said: “I don’t suppose so.” And the student says: “In that case, I didn’t do my homework.” Ahahaha…. you guys get it? Isn’t it a good joke? 

Barbie: I don’t think you are funny Charlie. We should talk about fashion, Paris Hilton or PINK. The colour pink, not the singer.  You are so old fashioned…

Marge: Someone needs to start listening to smart students and teacher, and not fashion setters….

Barbie: Tell me more!

Marge: I am leaving…

Barbie: How long have you been leaving? 

Marge: Since you are here.

Barbie: What makes you think I am here? 

Marge: Sometimes I wish I could just leave; walk out of this place.

Barbie: Wait, I don’t get it. So are you leaving? I don’t get it. Gaaaary, she is picking on me. 

Gary: Babe, just stop talking, ok? Marge, you might want to be a bit nicer to her, you know how she is. 

Charlie: Here it goes again…

Barbie: What goes? Where? Show it to me! 

Marge: And this is what I am supposed to cope with every single day.

Barbie: You know, Marge...when I am gone, you won’t ever find another table like me.

Marge: Who told you that I will need another one like you?!

Gary: Quiet everyone! I hear someone coming! 

{Door opens; children come in the room}

We are just like them, or they are just like us; but no one knows. Some are smart, and others are not. Some are funny, or trying to create peace.  Some are responsible, and some don’t care about the surroundings. Different object have different personalities, each and everyone is unique in its own way.  The same way as we are, like us….

Autobiography:  Charlie - the white table

My name is Charlie. I am a white table with blue glass in the centre of my body. I was born on September second, 2005. Originally I come from China. After my birth at the factory, my brothers and sisters got packed and sent away to different countries.  Few of my brothers and sisters went on the same boat as me. The boat I was on went to United States. The travel was not the most pleasant; there was not enough space for us. Some days were better than others, one day the boat would shake so hard that we would constantly hit each other; the other day we would stay still waiting for our arrival.  When we finally arrived, all of us got sent to different parts of America. I went with five of family relatives on the plane to Chicago. Once again we got tightly packed in a small area of an airplane. The flight did not take long; we arrived to the spot the same night. That night we spent in the airport in the storage area of O’hare Airport. The next day we got moved to the large truck along with other furniture that arrived from a different point of destination. Once we got to the store, the manager announced that new arrivals finally came. I was happy to know that we were welcome at the store. Few days I spent in the storage area, waiting for someone to come and get me. Everyday someone would leave the storage room and never come back. Finally, one of those days happened to me. I got packed and put into delivery truck, this time the truck was much smaller than last time. When we arrived to the condo, the room I was put in seemed were bright. I had a lot of room around me, the only thing that bother me that none of my brothers or sisters were with me. I’ve lived in that condo for two years. The family I lived with decided to move to Canada. It was time for another move. I got packed together with rest of the furniture in the house. When we got to the border, we could not go through, because the truck driver had a DUI in the past. I do not know what that is, but all I knew was that we were not going home that night. We stayed in the truck for a couple of days until the new driver arrived. Those days seemed very-very long. Time spent traveling exhausted me; all I wanted was to get home. Everything was ready to go. The new driver took his place behind the wheel and we were on our way. Five hours it took to get to our final destination. I was one of the first items to go up the elevator to the condominium, it was very exciting to look at the new home even though we were all tired from the long road. The room I got placed into was just as big as my previous home.  At first the room looked empty, large and very bright, but when more furniture came in it felt more like a family. The windows were very large and brought a lot of light to the room. I liked it here, and I hope to stay for long; every time a new trip is ahead, I hope it will be my last one…